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Find individual providers.

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Current Information

MediSeek has the most current healthcare provider information on the market.

The information is identical to what healthcare providers submit to the government.

And the data is refreshed regularly.

Table of Contents and Index

The Table of Contents makes finding specialized healthcare providers a breeze. Or use the index of keywords to identify specialties.

  • It is easier than sifting through taxonomy codes issued by the government.
  • The index offers a free-form way to access specialties.
  • Only MediSeek offers an improved Table of Contents and index for your search.

Geographic Regions

With your specialties selected, refine the region you wish to search. Only MediSeek offers all these search abilities.

  • By Area Code.
  • By Postal Code.
  • By City.
  • By County.
  • By State.


Addresses are validated, parsed and formatted.

  • No, the government does not correct addresses.
  • Yes, people do submit incorrect addresses to the government.
  • Yes, we fix the address or mark it as not usable.
  • We also obtain the county, area code, latitude and longitude.

Save Your Searches

Save your searches and selected providers to your device. They are available off-line and when your subscription expires.

Bookmark the providers you have selected to review/research on your own.


We use HTTPS, nobody knows what you are searching for.

Our programming staff has expertise in handling HIPAA compliant data, even though it does not apply in this situation.

Works Everywhere

On the web and Android. iOS access is via web at the moment.

UPDATE: Final Preview Released July 9 2019. Take a look before we launch.

Why You Want MediSeek

These are a few of the reasons people have mentioned.

  • You are referred to a specialist. But you may not care for them. Use MediSeek to find alternative referrals.
  • You are on a trip and stub your toe. You don't know the area. Use MediSeek to find a nearby Urgent Care Center.
  • Someone you know needs long terms care. Internet searches drive you into who pays the most advertising. We give you options.
  • Looking for providers that accept Medicare? Not all do. We know the providers that do.