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MediSeek is still pre-release. We are expecting to release the retail edition in mid October 2019.

On The Web

Testers, please use this web version. It is the most current release.

  • Don't want to download anything? Run Mediseek right here.
  • Be sure to bookmark us!
  • Google Play

    Testers. This release on Google Play will update to the most current release by September 16 2019 after which you can perform an update, no need to remove and install.

  • Follow this to download and install from Google Play. (Opens in a new browser window.)
  • What about my iPhone and iPad? These are coming when we establish a market on Android and on the Web. Use our Web version for now.
  • Download the App

    Testers. This downloadable APP will be available September 16 2019.

  • If you have McAfee installed, it will assure you with a virus check as you install.
  • Set your Android device to accept downloads from sources unknown to Google.
  • Windows Linux

  • The same Mediseek on Windows? On Linux? That's right folks.
  • Available soon via the Electron framework.
  • What about my Mac?! Coming when we establish MediSeek on the Web and Android. In our opinion, Apple policies can be expensive and restrictive. For now, use the Web version.
  • ...